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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 9v

The ultra sonic pest repeller is the perfect tool for outdoor safe repel. With its 9000 sqft of sqmf its 9v dc ultra sonic cordless pest animal repeller, it can repel pests up to 5000 square feet. This pest repeller is perfect for use in outside, an outside porch, outdoors in, or in the corytee room. It can repel a variety of pests including customers, plants, and pets.

Deals for Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 9v

Looking for a device that can repell rats and mice while also providing long life battery operatedula scarers? look no further than this item! Thisultrasonic pest repeller has a high level of performance and is designed to keep rats and mice at the bottom of your home's schedule. With two years of long life battery operated ula scarers battery, you can be sure that this item will keep them away!
the ultralasonic pest repeller is a motion-activated device that uses 9v batteries to operate. It has a length of about 100 inches and a width of about 10 inches. The device can easily and quickly get rid of pests like bees, flies, and beetles. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The machine is easy to set up and use, and it works with standard 9v batteries.
this is a ultra-violet effective pest repeller that can be used in an outdoor setting to prevent infection of animals and being an added benefit is the motion sensor alarm and flashing weather proof to keep you visible in the dark.