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9 Volt Rodent Repeller

This is a 9 volt rodent repeller repellers that will keep your home pest-free! The ultrasonic rat and mouse repellent will help keep you and your family safe from the spread of pests. This repeller is easy to use and will warn you when it's ready to close, so you can keep your home safe from the rat and mouse.

Top 9 Volt Rodent Repeller Comparison

The 9 volt rodent repeller is perfect for keeping pets away from the byways and other difficult-to-reach areas. The tampered with orchard and garden repeller will bark an alarm and flashing device which will keep animals away from the garden. It is also available as a 6ah battery-powered model or a 12v battery-powered model.
this is awithin a solar animal repeller. It is a 9 volt rat repeller that uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect rats and shy-nts in your garden. The repeller then uses a strong flashlight to repel them. The repel feature can last for up to a month. The animal repeller can also be used to repel birds.
this is a 2x9volt rodent repeller that can be used to deal with? up to 100m range. Therepeller features sonic waves that can be used to rid of mice up to 100m. It can also be used to.